Nexia meets

Kristin Rödin

Interior stylist passionate about minimalism.

The interior stylist and content creator declares herself a fan of minimalism and defends its application to all aspects of her daily life.

"I would describe my style as simple and minimalist with a twist".

Rödin reveals her favourite Xmas things.

Being able to enjoy this special time of year in the comfort of her home with her family is one of the things Kristin appreciates most.

Kristin Rödin my favourite Xmas things  | Nexia

Her home is decorated in neutrals and, exceptionally, at this time of year she integrates a subtle pop of colour while maintaining elegance in her style. "I like my home to stay in a certain colour palette, and I invest in a couple of unique designer pieces to give it a special touch."

Integrating unique pieces that add character to rooms is a key point. Investing in a lighting piece like the Mini Bow is a wise move, not only does it give you an incredible lighting effect, but it also has a decorative function.

Mini Bow

Colourful and playful, Mini Bow's tiny strokes of light multiply and conquer the colour palette. Its small size and characteristic shape make it easy to handle, versatile and autonomous.

Designed by Nahtrang Studio

Kristin Rödin my favourite Xmas things  | Nexia

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