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Galta Studio

From our Barcelona-based studio we provide interior design and 3D rendering design services.

"In Galta Studio we seek to turn ideas into reality, we like to do it in a delicate way and that the result of our work transmits something more. Capturing the essence in the details is our best asset".

We stand for keeping it plain, not simple.

“Every space we create inspires us, we like to create atmospheres that transmit calm, serenity and delicacy. Mini Bow is one of our best allies to achieve this at this time of the year”.

Estrella Serena from Galta Studio.

Galta Studio my favourite Xmas things  | Nexia

Mini Bow

Colourful and playful, Mini Bow's tiny strokes of light multiply and conquer the colour palette. Its small size and characteristic shape make it easy to handle, versatile and autonomous.

Galta Studio my favourite Xmas things  | Nexia

Designed by Nahtrang Studio

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