Colour Tool

Introducing Nexia Colour Tool, an inspiring tool for designers and architects looking to create spaces with personality by bringing the user closer to the environment through materiality, color and lighting.

Colour tool | Nexia

Working with nexia colours feels magical!

Feel the freedom to bring your audacious ideas to life and take the personality of your designs to the next level.

An invitation to immerse yourself in the possibilities offered by the 13 finishes of the Home Collection.

Colour tool | Nexia

Blue Grey – Olive Green – Red Oxide – Pebble Grey – Grey Blue – Cement Grey – Coral Red – Silk Grey – Gold – Satin Nickel – Gold Copper – Graphite

Enjoy the ease of our integrated tools, make everything flow!

Colour tool | Nexia

Discover the colour range of a collection of innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to create comfortable, efficient and visually appealing spaces